2014 Styling Ideas for Medium Hair

Medium length hairstyle is the most frequently chosen style by women and girls. Such style is all about versatility and texture so if you like to experiment with different styles, chop off you hair and get inspiration from 2014 styling ideas for medium hair.

Before talking about styling ideas I want to say that any hairstyle will look smashing if only you have healthy hair so never neglect the usage of different masks and oils that will revitalize your locks with necessary vitamins. Moreover, try to use high class styling tools and products that will be less harmful for hair.

Angelic Curls

Curly hairstyle is the best one to create romantic and girlish image. Thanks to different styling tools and products you can create angelic curls even if you have poker straight hair. If you are blessed with natural curls or waves, you can simply apply curl enhancer on damp hair and enjoy your angelic hairstyle. Those who have straight hair can create tight curls with the help of curling iron. After washing hair leave it dry naturally and then style with curling iron.

pretty hairstyles for women


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