Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Every woman has unique features and hairstyle is meant to highlight best features and at the same time hide little faults. Ladies with round face can easily create an illusion of slimmer and proportionate face with the help of proper hairstyle. If you also have round face shape you, I advise you to keep your hair long and copy one of these 2014 long hairstyles for round face shape.

Long hairstyle is the best option for all face shapes and round face shape is not an exception. You will easily hide the width of cheeks with help of long strands.

In order to make your long hairstyle suitable for round face shape you should add soft layers that will be below the chin length. Furthermore, layering will give you a chance to experiment with different styles. Once you create long layered haircut, you should determine hair parting. Both side and middle partings will be suitable for round face shape and your choice will depend only on your preference. You can also add layered side bang that will beautifully frame your face and place the accent on your eyes.

pretty hairstyles for women


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