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Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Your Next Semi-Formal Dance!

Semi-Formal Dance Hairstyles is an article dedicated to getting you on the right path to look stunningly beautiful at your next Semi-Formal Dance. Dancing is about dreaming with your, so why not make your dream come true? Dancing is something that could make you feel happy, relaxed, and energetic all while having a blast! So if you are heading to a dance this weekend, we’ve got all of your hair issues covered. This article will take you through many possibilities for your hair that will make you look radiant and attractive while you dance your heart away.

Need a knockout Semi-Formal Dance Hairstyle? Hair buns and knots are always a safe route when it comes to hair-dos. Especially if you are going for an elegant look while dancing. Dances are places you get to sway and move, therefore having your hair safely tucked away from face will allow you to let yourself go freely without having to worry about your hair. The big loose braid is another hairstyle that hardly ever goes wrong. If you have a metallic strand, or a strand of pearls, you could insert them into your braid to get an easy Greek goddess look which suits a dance occasion very well. Read on to find Semi-Formal Dance Hairstyles.

pretty hairstyles for women


Updos for Long Hair

This year hair gurus have upgraded classy updo hairstyles with modern twists and now offer you great number of glam updo hairstyles that will be suitable for any formal occasion.

Updos for long hair can be created on super long or shoulder length hair. If you have shorter haircut and you still want to copy one of these smashing updos, you can opt for hair extensions and then copy any desired style. If you are ready for beautiful makeover, take a sneak peek at these ideas of glam updos and practice your skills to recreate the best one.

Latest hairstyles trends are all about loose and relaxed updo hairstyles that will add glam touch to your look. Furthermore such style is less sophisticated and can be created for your own. You can easily create loose bun updo, French twist or messy chignon and be sure you will rock the party with your glam image.

pretty hairstyles for women

Long Prom Hairstyles 2014

Prom is a special event in every girl’s life. If you want to make your prom unforgettable you should be ready to spend much money and effort to become the queen of the party. Prom hairstyle is as important as evening dress so after choosing your gown you can choose chic prom hairstyle that will complete your formal outfit.

The best hair length that will give you chance to create glamorous look is long hair so if you have shorter hair you can opt for hair extensions and then create desired look.

Long hair can be styled in zillion ways and all of them will look smashing on that big day. So how can you find the best one for you? Here are some ideas of long prom hairstyles 2014 that will inspire you to find best style. First hairstyle to be mentioned is wavy or curly updo that will look both elegant and girlish. If you have some styling skills you can create similar look for your own. In order to create well defined and long lasting curls use high class curling iron and fix each curl with hairspray. When you finish the styling process, you can can tie hair in a loose up-do leaving few strands to frame your face.

pretty hairstyles for women

Long Bridal Hairstyles

Brides begin preparations long before the big day and this is great because every detail can be planned with great care. If you also get ready for wedding, I have some amazing hairstyles ideas that will be suitable for that big day.

If you are the owner of long hair, you can experiment with numerous hairstyles that will look great on wedding. Those who have shorter hair can still have similar look with the help of hair extensions so do not waste your time and take a look at these examples of long bridal hairstyles.

Half updo hairstyle is may be the most popular bridal hairstyle. Such style will open your face and at the same time leave gorgeous long hair cascading down on your shoulders. Both wavy and curly half updo hairstyles will look great and your choice will depend on your wedding gown.

pretty hairstyles for women

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Every woman has unique features and hairstyle is meant to highlight best features and at the same time hide little faults. Ladies with round face can easily create an illusion of slimmer and proportionate face with the help of proper hairstyle. If you also have round face shape you, I advise you to keep your hair long and copy one of these 2014 long hairstyles for round face shape.

Long hairstyle is the best option for all face shapes and round face shape is not an exception. You will easily hide the width of cheeks with help of long strands.

In order to make your long hairstyle suitable for round face shape you should add soft layers that will be below the chin length. Furthermore, layering will give you a chance to experiment with different styles. Once you create long layered haircut, you should determine hair parting. Both side and middle partings will be suitable for round face shape and your choice will depend only on your preference. You can also add layered side bang that will beautifully frame your face and place the accent on your eyes.

pretty hairstyles for women

Medium Hairstyles with Layers

Prep your locks for coming season by opting for trendy medium haircut. There are infinite styles of medium haircut but I have represented the most popular and frequently chosen styles that will be on trend.

Next season medium hairstyles are all about layers so the best way to be on trend is to wear medium layered haircut. Here are some gorgeous examples of 2014 medium hairstyles with layers so do not waste your time and speed dial your hairdresser to have the hottest haircut of this season.

If you are not ready to kiss goodbye to your long locks, you can begin your transformation with shoulder length layered haircut. Such style will give you a chance to style hair in zillion ways.

pretty hairstyles for women

2014 Styling Ideas for Medium Hair

Medium length hairstyle is the most frequently chosen style by women and girls. Such style is all about versatility and texture so if you like to experiment with different styles, chop off you hair and get inspiration from 2014 styling ideas for medium hair.

Before talking about styling ideas I want to say that any hairstyle will look smashing if only you have healthy hair so never neglect the usage of different masks and oils that will revitalize your locks with necessary vitamins. Moreover, try to use high class styling tools and products that will be less harmful for hair.

Angelic Curls

Curly hairstyle is the best one to create romantic and girlish image. Thanks to different styling tools and products you can create angelic curls even if you have poker straight hair. If you are blessed with natural curls or waves, you can simply apply curl enhancer on damp hair and enjoy your angelic hairstyle. Those who have straight hair can create tight curls with the help of curling iron. After washing hair leave it dry naturally and then style with curling iron.

pretty hairstyles for women

Short Hairstyles for 2014

Short hairstyle has already invaded the world and millions of women go shorter. Indeed, short haircut is the one that highlights woman’s sexuality and femininity in the best way. Never think that short haircut looks boyish and that it will give you masculinity. Latest trends as well as stylists have proven that short haircut is A style chosen by celebs and confident women.

If you want to emphasize your strong individuality, do not think twice and chop off long hair. Furthermore, if you are sick and tired of blending in the crowd, trendy short haircut will make you stay in the limelight. Do not waste your time a take a sneak peek at these examples of short hairstyles for 2014. Sexy pixie haircut is the first one to be mentioned. Actually this style was popular last year, and still continues to be on trend. The only difference is that new season short pixie is more relaxed and tousled so all you have to do is to keep on hand texturizer and style your hair messy with fingers.

Trendy Hairstyles for 2014

Hairstyle tendencies of this year and new season are all about relaxed and glamorous styles that are meant to highlight your natural beauty and sexuality. This year you will be able to wear your hair naturally and you will not have to spend your precious time on hair styling.

Another great thing about new season hair tendency is that you are not limited in actions: you can wear any desired style and you will look stylish if only the style is suitable for your personality. As hairstyle is meant to highlight your individuality, you should choose the one that will make you feel confident and comfortable. These examples of trendy hairstyles for 2014 will surely give you idea for next beauty session.

Ladies with short hair should definitely keep hair shorter for coming season because next year too short hairstyle will be on trend. If you are ready for dramatic changes you can opt for short pixie that will open your face and emphasize your features. Or you can make the things slower and begin with short bob haircut that will also be trendy.

pretty hairstyles for women